Thursday 2 April 2020

Fitness for Shut-ins Part Three: Fitness Tools and Trackers

If it's not tracked, did it even happen?

This is part three of a three-part series about staying fit and healthy while on lockdown. Read Part One and Part Two here.

A pair of running shoes sits beside a poseable wooden figurine in a dramatic pose on a windowsill.
Don’t worry. You’ll be out there again one day. (Image: author’s own.)
You’re stuck inside alone, or possibly with pets and other people that you used to like.

You need some kind of stress release, both as a way to combat the extra snacks you’re eating All. The. Time. and to stop you from killing the people that are Always. Right. There.

Yeah. You’re motivated to work out.

You’ve also sorted out where you’re going to work out, set up your schedule, and have access to countless options for indoor, small-space workouts.

All that’s missing is a way to ensure that you’re properly harnessing the essential element of improving your fitness level: progressive resistance and a way to keep yourself honest.

There are many easy ways to track your workouts, as well as many ways to share them for social support and bragging rights. I’ll outline several of my favourites here…and the below are all either free or have free versions available.

Tools and trackers for the self-motivated

Pencil and paper

Of course, you can just write it down. An actual, honest-to-goodness paper notebook or calendar is a great way to track your workouts (as is a chisel and slab of stone, for that matter). You can see at a glance what you did and when you did it, and it’s low-tech…never a need to upgrade or install updates.


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