Monday 30 March 2020

Fitness for Shut-ins Part Two: Workouts You Can Do in a Small Space

You already have the will. Here's the way.

You can get a great workout in a 2'x6' space. Please move your dog first. (Image: author's own)

Whether you're just at the physical distancing stage of this pandemic or you're in full lockdown, one thing is certain: you're not getting to the gym today. Depending on where you are and what you have access, to, there are some great free (or cheap) ways to stay fit while avoiding the rest of the world and/or being stuck at home.

How much space do you have?

A large backyard and an open-plan basement? A balcony the size of a yoga mat? An actual yoga mat beside your bed where you hide from your kids that are "homeschooling" themselves? There are lots of ways to get an effective workout even in a tiny space.

Yoga, calisthenics and Pilates are natural choices for small spaces. These two home workouts don't require any equipment, but will get your heart rate up in a 2' x 6' space:

KISS Your Excuses Goodbye
This small-space body-weight workout can be dialled up with cardio intervals or kept simple with supersets.

5 Exercises in 5 Minutes
Take five minutes to rev up your metabolism and wake up your body and mind.


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