Sunday 7 April 2013

Perfection? No.

I feel that I should check in and reveal my results from my Eat Like A KidTM eating plan.*  I would grade it a (qualified) success:  my mom went on her cruise yesterday, so I hopped meself onto the scale, sucked in my stomach, and... well, I'm down 4 lbs. 

My goal was an 8-lb loss, but I didn't take into account adding muscles back onto my frame.  I am slowly regaining my former shape (a figure competitor at the gym complimented my arms last week!).  My strength has skyrocketed in the past month; this morning, I squatted 95 lbs (that used to be my warmup!), did 12 bodyweight dips, and did three sets of 20 pushups, no problem at all.  I've taught 5 Attack classes, and although I sucked wind, felt nauseous, and ended up showing low options a great deal, I survived, and the progress over the 5 classes was somewhat heartening. 

The "regime" involved eating the same breakfast as always (oatmeal, half a banana, cup of milk, large glass of water), and making sure I snack with the kids (always with protein/carbs/fat:  ie. babybel and fruit; peanuts/cranberries/raisins; crackers, veggies and dip; etc.).  This way, I don't get too hungry, or forget to eat, and I avoided...ok, reduced the intake of Easter treats that are everywhere, trying to foil me.  I didn't manage the protein shake more than twice, however. 

So, I returned all of my maternity pants from whence they came (Value Village)!  My Last Remaining Pair of Pants fits me again, and I have two other pairs of Normal Pants that, although they cause a bit'o'muffin toppage, are just fine if I remember to hold in my stomach...which, since I got out of the habit again when I was smuggling the last Huffalump around, is harder than it sounds. 
I still have a ways to go to get back to my former fitness level, and I'm not quite ready to go shopping, but with the results I saw over the past 6 weeks, I know that it will come back if I keep working hard.  No excuses!

Ok, maybe one more Creme Egg.

* Note that this will only work if you don't feed your kids crap.

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