Tuesday 9 April 2013

Four Months Already????

Wow, time has flown by.  Must be from all that sleeping we've been doing.

No, seriously.  We got a good one.

Here is little Tamsin at 4 months, weighing in at 14 lbs.  She models a top and jaunty chapeau in support of Mommy's plot to regain her super-fun job at the RCMP.


 And then she learns about DRAP.

Although she has done the front-to-back rolling over, her best milestone is the baby belly laugh.  It's hysterical.  She also has the lead-up to the laugh, which is a great sound that I'll try to capture soon....sort of like a mooseling bellowing. 

She has also started to actively play, and is willing to take on anyone -- anyone -- at peek-a-boo.

And no, still no eyebrows.  But we love her to bits anyway.

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