Wednesday 2 January 2013


...but enough about me.  Apparently, the combination of two toddlers and Christmas -- as well as rotating flus -- was not enough this year, so I upped my game with the new addition, who is now 1 month old! 

Tamsin is also tired...of the paparazzi!  But too bad, kiddo!  With great cuteness comes great responsibility.

The beautiful photos, above, were taken by Betty Lee McGillis, photographer extraordinaire (you can find her on Facebook!).  She somehow corralled all three of my kids in one photo session, and nobody died!  Nobody even got a time out!  It's a miracle!

Unrelated, but timely, the New Year's Resolutions start today.  I'm not foolish enough to pledge anything as crazy as styling my hair this year (see also:  too many children and so, so tired).  I'm back to the basics:

1.  Floss every day.  (Dammit.  Does this mean I have to floss tonight?)
2.  Write, more.  (Yes, I'm committing to more blog posts.  Please call me out as necessary.)
3.  More kindness, to my family, my community, and hopefully myself.  (This one is fluffily vague enough that I can be successful, no matter what.)

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

Hey Karen-
Congratulations! She is beautiful. And I'm glad to see you still have your sense of humor. You are going to need it this year with a house full of little ones!

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