Friday 4 January 2013

Day 4 and Still Flossing*

That is the extent to which 2013 is exciting and successful, so far.

I had a very interesting and insightful thing to write about...which I forgot to write down right when I thought of it, and as such, it's gone forever.  It was probably groundbreaking and Pulitzer Prize-winning and would have garnered me hundreds of job offers and thousands, at least, in endorsements.  Alas, due to being completely sleep deprived, I have no idea what it was. 

Just know that it was awesome.

Instead, I'll do a quick review of our new toy:  an XBox Kinect

Aside:  Those of you who have heard stories about me and Fis know that I'm a complete idiot for suggesting/agreeing to another video gaming system in our house.  The Great XBox Fiasco of 2006 involved driving through blizzard conditions and stealing gas**, and resulted in far too many nights of being an XBox Widow, as well as needing to update the First Date Questionnaire(TM) to include the following questions:
  1. Do you enjoy video games?
  2. Do you enjoy video games to the point of obsession?
  3. Have you ever risked life, limb, and freedom (for example, by stealing gas) in order to procure a video game?
  4. Has anyone in your life ever staged an intervention for your video game playing, even as a joke?
But I digress.

We got a fabulous Kinect (thanks, Druncle Ryan!) and set it up to try.  Well.  Aside from a bit of frustration and a few injuries (although the instructions repeatedly remind you to check for clearance on all sides...and to look can get pretty caught up in the games) (no, I wasn't the one who hit my head on the ceiling), it is super fun and actually somewhat of a workout. 

The setup can be a bit frustrating, but Holy Space Age Technology, Batman!!!  Admittedly, I still can't wrap my mind around landline telephones, or even light switches, so this completely blows my mind.  I mean, I stand in front of my tv, wave my hand around, and suddenly, I'm on the screen (but I look like a rat), and I'm running, jumping, hanging, swimming, scooting, sliding, ducking... it's incredible. 

The kids take it completely in stride, of course.  Of course your body is a controller.  When I raise my hand, the tv sees me, and does what I do?  Obviously, Mommy.  Sheesh.

It's more of a workout than a Wii -- at least, I haven't figured out how to cheat it yet -- and yesterday, I "worked out" and burned 100 calories doing a Women's Health post-baby workout.  Woo!  And then I ate a brownie, but whatever. 

Which brings us back to the intervention.  The first night of playing was great - Fis and I went head to head on a few games, played some cooperative games (harder than you'd think) (mostly because it involves cooperation), and generally had a great time.  Of course, it being New Year's Eve, there was champagne (and ripple chips, natch) involved.  Since then, each evening, I have been sitting on the couch, either feeding a baby or reading a book and watching him play a non-active game.  Boo.

But all in all, it's a great system.  I'm reading up on the dance games (gotta get down with my funky self), and am dedicated to completing the post-baby routines in record time.  Pass the brownies.

The notable exclusion of "Get back into shape" as a New Year's Resolution can be explained by me not really having an option, as I have, literally, two pairs of sweat pants and two pairs of maternity jeans that I can wear right now.  Oh, and a black sequined maternity miniskirt.  My 6-week checkup is next week, and then it's ON.

**  In case I haven't told this story before, it involved driving to Costco in a small pickup truck on a day that all of Ottawa was sent home from work at noon for winter storm conditions, Fis going into a gas station to fill up and take money out, and then opening his wallet at the cash at Costco, seeing all the money, and realizing that he forgot to pay for the gas.  Because he was too excited about buying an XBox.  I was worried at the time, of course, but didn't fully grasp the extent of the problem.

UPDATE:  I did not marry a felon.  He did go back to the gas station to pay.  (There was a police car parked there, too, but it was unrelated, unfortunately.)  The attendant told him not to worry, since it "happens all the time".

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