Monday 17 October 2011


In which Very Proud Mommy showcases her Hufflings for fun and profit. Um, no really... where is the profit? With Hufflings so delighful (and talented), the money should be rolling in, non?

First: Ailsa's got the beat.

She often pushes a button on a toy that plays a song (it seems like ALL of them play a song!) and then pulls herself to her feet, and dances! Unless the song ends before she gets all the way up, in which case she sits back down, pushes the button, and tries to get up in time. And repeat!

Hey, Grandma! The piano is somehow still working! Greeeeaaat.

Next up: My incredibly talented son introduces a new song which I like to call the "alpha-numero-bet".

Vaughn kills me. I especially like that not only does he make the song rhyme, but it ends with a "bum bum bum". Awesome.

(I apologize for the shoddy camera work, but my associate was hanging off my arm the whole time, trying to watch the video on the camera.)

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