Tuesday 27 September 2011

Filthy Little Beasties

Weekend fun at the end of the summer (despite other people's assertions that summer is, in fact, over -- you know who you are! -- and also perhaps the calendar... but it was 27 today, so maybe I'm not crazy after all) (maybe) is all about spending as much time as possible outside.

Getting SUPER dirty.

This is the first batch of carrots and the last batch of beans: after a light steaming, with a bit of butter, they were absolutely delicious - incredibly moreso than the ones you buy at the grocery store.

I also picked up two little polka-dot plants for the kidlets: thought I'd start the idea of taking care of living things early, not to mention adding a bit of air purification in their bedrooms. Step one: transplanting into cute pots!

Oops. My mistake. Step one: mucking about with dirt, rubbing it on face and clothing, and filling various pots with rocks, dirt and water, in no particular order.

Step one could also be taking a break and watching the world go by.

Or watering an unrelated plant. That's ok. It's still free help, I guess!

The finished products, above. These photos were taken 2 weeks ago, and as of this writing, both are still alive. Huzzah!

Hey, isn't that the same plant? Vaughn's watering did it some good! This was taken on Saturday morning, on the way to the playground for good sandy fun.

Vaughn built roads with his dump truck and digger.

The Playground Three pose for their new album cover.

Ailsa goes down the "wheee".

Thank you! Come again!

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Garrett Family said...

Okay. Seriously?! SUMMER IS OVER!! Get over it! It snowed here last weekend. That's right baby, it SNOWED! Last I checked it doesn't snow in the summer it snows in the WINTER.

So, now, you've gone and missed fall - way to go.

PS - Cute cuties! Love ya :)

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