Wednesday 9 November 2011

The Sweetest Sound in the World

Our sweet little Ailsa is now walking briskly like people (almost running!), talking up a storm (last night's favourite word: unnnnyunnnn) (we made tacos, and she tried to fill up on raw onion during the chopping phase) and giving the Best Hugs Ever. (I call them ALF hugs. Picture ALF hugging someone: you see him squeeze them in, and then his hands pat their back. She does that.)

But, by far, her most lovely sound is "Mammy". She'll call for me if she can't see me, say it as a greeting, or even, when being held, smile, stroke my face with both hands and say it. Awwww.


This is a child that can go from full-on unconscious, face down on her blankie, to standing upright and calling "Mammy. Mammy. Maaaaaa. Mammy. Maaaammy. Maaaammmy. Mammy! Mammy! Mammy....."

It's horrifyingly similar to this.

(but still pretty cute)

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