Monday 18 January 2010

20 weeks: Huffalump v 2.0 Photoshoot

Well, the 20-week ultrasound went well. The tech kept saying, "Whoa, it's active!" and "Did your first one move around this much?"


Yes, yes it did.

I'm feeling lots and lots of rolls, nudges, pokes and kicks now (last night, right till 2 am! Yay!), and Chris has felt a few as well... but that might have just been something he ate. Ha ha!

I haven't been able to SEE the kicks from the outside yet, but I'm sure it's not very far off.

Anyway, all measurements went well, and we're very excited to announce that it's a...

... Baby!

Nope, we're not finding out this time either, so you'll all just have to wait and see what kind of demon we produce in June! Complaints may be directed to my assistant, Fis.


Nat T. said...

Hey girl -- I can't believe your baby is one already. (Mind you, I can't believe mine is 18 months old, either!). Checked out your blog when your sister told me you were expecting heffalump the first. Congrats on the new one! My 2nd's coming at the beginning of May (2nd c-section... ugh). If you're on FB, send me an invite!

Andra said...

I'm so glad it's a baby and not a puppy.

Hope you guys are well and hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to have a wee boo at Vaughn and of course mommy and daddy with new baby in tummy. I also was on the beach in Hawaii at 5 months pregnant with Jaydon and in my bikini. It was a lovely time and I was quite big. You look lovely Karen and don't let anyone tell you different. It's wonderful to be a Mom and your doing the most important job there is in bringing up a wonderful little person, shaping their lives. I do understand how you feel thought, a Mom kind of gets lost in the suffle for a time but you will get all that back again as they grow up and I found that I grew up in the process too. Vaughn is so precious and looks so much like Chris when he was little. I have finally gotten on your Blog so I've really enjoyed it. Love to you all and give Vaughn a huge hug from Auntie Mary xoxo

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