Monday 18 January 2010

Big Boys Do... sleighrides! Note the rosy cheeks and nose!

...brush their teeth twice a day! V has 10 teeth (including 2 bottom molars) (and there are two top molars that are just about ready to pop through), and he enjoys the toothbrushing song...and slurping on the toothpaste!

...sit in big boy carseats! Now that he's 29" long and 22 lbs (official 1-year stats), he was given the go-ahead to switch to a forward-facing carseat. He is SO proud of himself, and thinks it's just great to be able to see Mommy and Daddy.

(Note: this car seat is good till he's 57" tall and 100 lbs... which means that I could use it, if I were an inch shorter...which means that I'm too tall for something! Woot woot!) to get clean! What's better than bathtime? Apparently, showering is great fun, too!

...practice for when they're old enough to mow the lawn. Thank you Shirley and Paul! When Vaughn gets going, nothing is safe! Not walls, furniture, ankles...

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