Wednesday 3 February 2010

My name is Karen

...and I'm a non-alcoholic.

It started innocently enough; a drink of water here, a sip of milk there.

Then, suddenly I was in a new environment, far from home, and attempted to fit in: uno margarita sin alcohol... uno mango daiquiri sin alcohol... uno pina colada sin alcohol...

They just kept on coming, until I had tried them all! Now back at home, I mix OJ with 7-Up, or tropical juice with water, and yesterday (sob!) I found myself drinking a cup of blueberry tea! REAL blueberry tea, not the good stuff!

I was able to wash it down with a nice shortbread cookie from Harrod's, but not before I realized, yet again, that the life I once knew (or at least had pictures to prove I once knew, as the memories are somewhat fuzzy and incomplete) is over.

For now!

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Garrett Family said...

Life will really change after Baby #2. You'll want to drink, (oh, will you want to drink!) but you won't find time and you'll be in bed by 8:30! Farewell old life, farewell!

Andra said...

Are you at least putting these drinks in fancy stemware??

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