Wednesday 14 October 2009

Brace Yourself

The V-man is growing by leaps and bounds!
The first meal of spaghetti was a huge hit, as you can see.

Toofs! We got toofs! The only way to show them off is by hanging upside down, of course!

Our little boy is now pulling himself up to standing on his change table (oh, that's safe), and in any other area can be propped up against walls, chairs, couches, etc. Quite convenient for me, since I can now put on my shoes or wash both hands at the same time (ooooo).

The handsome Huff mugs for the camera at Thanksgiving in Edmonton.

He had another fun weekend with his "cousins", Odin and Teddy, whom* he finds amazing and fun and wonderful...although Great Dane kisses are a little intense when you're only three apples tall!

And FINALLY, I bit the bullet (the last thing I'll be biting for some time, it seems... I had zoodles for lunch (didja ever go hunting with your bowl and spoon?), and although they were tasty, I miss nuts, popcorn, candy, candy, candy, candy... already!) and...well, I did something. No regrets yet, but it hasn't started to hurt yet. Sigh.

* Question for Captain Grammar: does a plural indirect subject (Odin and Teddy) require a who or a whom?


Anonymous said...

Yow! Hard not to notice those wires! I'm sure we'll get used to them before you do, and then one day you'll have the movie star smile you've always wanted ...... honestly, isn't it easier to do this now rather than when you were, or felt you were, an awkward teenager? Your parents appreciate the delay, now that they don't have to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

The V-man video is so cute! Watch out - he'll be walking in no time! And he's looking so chubby too - can't believe the difference since we say him in August....
Grandma P

ps Capt Grammar says 'whom' is correct.

Garrett Family said...

Too cute! Oh, you thought I meant Vaughn?!

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