Saturday 3 October 2009

The All-Day Tea

Tea all day - what a concept!

Here's how the All-Day Tea starts: it's 6:45 am. You draw a nice fresh kettle of cold water, and bring it to a boil. Carefully and conscientiously, you choose a teabag from your delightfully excessive assortment, and pick your favourite mug from the cupboard. On this occasion, it's the peach-and-apricot herbal blend and the oversized Pampered Princess mug, respectively. You place the teabag lovingly in the cup, winding the string around the handle, and pour the boiling water over top, filling it almost to the brim.

8:25 am: You walk past the mug, still full to the brim, still containing the teabag, but now cold, sitting on the counter where you left it when you gave the baby his bottle, his breakfast, changed him, dressed him, washed his face, brushed his (six) teeth, got him into his sweater and took him for a walk to the park, time on the swings, and on the bouncing mousie. You're home again, and a little chilled, in the perfect state to enjoy a lovely cup of tea! You discard the teabag, place the mug into the microwave and press "beverage".

12:30 pm: After naps all around, another bottle (for the baby, unfortunately) and lunch (leftovers for both of you!), it's time for some independent play. Perhaps independent enough that you can try this tea thing again. The cup of tea, which is still in the microwave from its 8:30 reheating, gets another ride on the carousel, and comes out piping hot. Rather too hot to drink right away, really. But it will be perfect in about 10 minutes.

4:42 pm: You wander past the coffee table with a Very Cranky Baby Who Doesn't Want To Nap, upon which you spot a lovely (yet cold...again...) cup of tea which would not only be very calming, but would hit the spot right now. Unfortunately, even a cold tea will stain when the (small) flailing arms knock it out of your hand, so it will have to wait a little longer.

6:00 pm: Yes! Tea with dinner! The cup goes for another ride. That way, it can sit and cool on the table while the baby drinks his dinnertime fix, and then, while you're eating your own dinner whilst feeding the baby with your other two hands, you can sip your lovely tea.

8:15 pm: The baby is in bed, if not asleep, then doing a reasonable facsimile of said sleep. The long-awaited cup of tea rode around in the microwave again, and is held protectively against your chest as you sit on the couch, watching tv. You take a sip, then another, then another.

9:00 pm: Draining the last, now cold, drop from the mug, you sigh happily. What a lovely cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Well, that brought back a lot of memories ..... your first day of school, when I made a nice cup of tea and was able to 'enjoy' it fresh and hot - burned my mouth on it, as I recall.
I love that you're finding out what a Mom's life is really like!

Garrett Family said...

I love this! So true! Pretty soon, you'll give up!

Anonymous said...

Ice tea is the way to go!

TI Alumni Page said...

Note: Tim Hortons coffee is the only coffee in the world that microwaves well - in case you want to try a different beverage!

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