Thursday 15 October 2009

This little piggy...

...was going to go to the flu clinic on Tuesday morning with her little boy.

Unfortunately, they both had head colds.

Actually, on closer inspection, they decided that they felt decidedly...fluey.

And with further research, their symptoms seem pretty well in line with H1N1.

So THIS little piggy has dodged the flu shot yet again! Ha ha!

Kaff kaff.




Meg said...

You can still visit me. I have a prescription for TamiFlu. BRING IT ON. Oh wait, maybe not. I am super dooper high risk .....okay so Skype?

Anonymous said...

We are on day four of house isolation. T is just about to go stir crazy; there's only so much lego one can build in a week. I'll call you today since you will probably be house bound too!

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