Tuesday 23 June 2009

Weekend at Bernie's

We kicked off our trip to Ottawa with a stay at my parents' place. It was wonderful to see them, and Vaughn got to experience a whole gamut of fun things...

It didn't start out too well; he had to help with the laundry.
Things soon looked up, though. He learned to express himself through music.
He got to experience fine wine.

He was exposed to fine literature.

And, last but not least, he got to associate with the ladies! The V-man LOVES the ladies.

The rest of the week, spent downtown, was awesome, too. We were able to see lots of different friends (Kris, Lisa, Andrea and Danielle, we'll definitely meet up next time!), eat at fabulous restaurants, and go for lovely walks around the Hill, over to Quebec, and along the canal, too!

Boy, do I miss Ottawa.

It was really, surprisingly, nice to come home again, though. We seem to have settled in here quite well, and are so happy in our little house!

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