Wednesday 10 June 2009

Five Months Old! Giddyup!

Our little guy keeps on growing and growing!

He's smiling and laughing, rolling over and over, reaching and grabbing for things, and generally delighting everyone he meets with his happy disposition and alertness.

Of course, that's just during the day.

At night, he's a wee bit less delightful, since he rolls over in his sleep, wakes up on his tum, and freaks out, since he doesn't know how to sleep on his stomach!

I roll him back over and reswaddle him at least once a night. It's not a long sleep disruption; no more than 5 minutes (unless he needs changing), but it still adds up to me needing to nap at least twice a week.

He's on a 4-hour routine right now, and his day starts at between 6:45 and 7 am. He gets two one-and-a-half-to-two-hour naps in every day, and a way-too-short 20-minute catnap at 5pm (so I usually have to make or prep dinner during one of his long naps; naptime is also good for going to the gym (he sometimes naps in the babysitting room), showering, and catching up on email...or the elusive nap), and gets his nightly ablutions, jammies, story, and is put to bed by 7:30.

We're still going strong with the cloth diapers; it's gotten much easier, but we're still using a gdiaper at night, for convenience and to protect his skin from wetness. The main challenge is keeping him in one spot, since he's such a squirmer. It's like wrestling a really, really happy greased squirrell! (I would imagine)

All in all, at five months old, he's happy, healthy, and although we're still not getting full nights of sleep yet, and our lives have changed completely, we're happy and healthy too, and so in love with our little pooper!

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