Tuesday 23 June 2009

Orange you glad THAT's over with? (for now, anyway)

First things first: did you know how much fun oranges are? Neither did I!

Whew! Well, we had a rough night's "sleep" (well, an "awake" would be more fitting) while we were in Ottawa - somebody was cranky and screamy for no good reason. The next day, whilst having my hand gummed, I realized that it was, in fact, being chewed...with a TOOTH!!!

Vaughn's first tooth showed up on Tuesday, June 16th, at 5 months and 1 week. Well done, sir!

Later that week, after procuring and administering Tempra every evening, the angel had another super screamy night, which we didn't know how to fix or what to do... and to our surprise, we found ANOTHER TOOTH on Saturday morning! What a week!

Mr. deMille, I'm ready for my closeup!

And my X-TREME closeup!

Hey, you know what else is super fun, besides oranges? Funny dog sounds.
Good thing Mommy didn't have much dignity to begin with.


Garrett Family said...

More cute than what should be possible for one little guy! He looks like a bundle of fun and I'm sure you're having plenty!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it!!!! You have to move that child within visiting distance- he is way too cute, and that's even though I have seen his crankypants routine.....

TI Alumni Page said...

How on EARTH did you figure out that doggie noises were amusing???

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