Thursday 2 July 2009

A long way from the Hill

Happy Canada Day!

Wow, how times have changed.

I seem to recall a certain blog posting from a few years ago, defending my right to celebrate July 1st from Parliament Hill forever!

Let's just say that the Hat doesn't have a Hill.

Kin Coulee (right by the giant tepee), is the place to be here. There's lots of things for kids, like face painting and balloons and clowns. A few bouncy castles and slides. A food-court-esque section with smokies, burgers, and korean stirfry (oddly enough). And most of the community, it seems, turns out to check it out.

Which is fine. No, ok, it's nice. Very low-key, very good-clean-fun.


We rounded out the day with a trip to the dentist (wheee!) and a barbecue at a friend's house, which, again, was very nice and civilized. We were home by 7:30.

At about 11 pm, long after the V-man was down for the night (and me too!), Chris got me out of bed. We crept out of the house in our housecoats, and tiptoed, barefoot, across the dark and empty street. There's a little path between the houses that let us see the fireworks display clearly against the giant prairie sky. They were gorgeous and impressive, and the night was warm with a nice breeze. We held hands and I leaned against him, and it was almost like being home*.

Can you believe that these pants stayed white for an entire day???

* well, minus about 400,000 drunken fools. Man, I miss the Hill!

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