Sunday 29 March 2009

Rambling Fitness Update

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Well, it's been a while.

It's now been 11 weeks since the blessed/dreaded event, and although I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy weight, give or take 3-5 lbs, I'm definitely not the same shape that I was. My theory is that my pelvis hasn't shrunk back together yet, but that probably doesn't explain why some of my shirts don't fit well on my arms... I know that nursing will keep some extra baby fat on me till I stop, but still! And there is definitely a bit more pooch to the stomach than there used to me, but it seems to be tightening a little bit more every week.

Here's what I've been doing to get back into shape: From 5 - 8 weeks post-baby, I was getting to the gym 2 times a week (they have a babysitting room at the Y), and sometimes getting out for a stroll with Vaughn strapped to me. (Aside: I REALLY didn't think that walking was a workout, but I've changed my mind...especially with my walking buddy - that 10 lbs makes a difference!) I would do 30 minutes of weights, supersetting everything, with as little rest as possible. The order of exercises would change with each workout, depending on what equipment was free, but there would be 2 sets of 15 reps of:

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Lat Pulldown or Seated Cable Row
Incline Dumbbell Press or Dips
Lateral Raises
Biceps Curls

This would be immediately followed by a dash to the babysitting room to make sure that Little V was still sleeping (nice that he sleeps when we're out!), then a dash up to the cardio room for 30 minutes of elliptical or stairmaster. All of this felt good, and I was seeing definition in my arms again, and feeling stronger and fitter.

THEN, I re-read the Oxygen magazine that I got in my stocking for motivation, and switched to a 3-day routine, involving three sets of one of three options for each body part, with a progressive load structure, so that each workout would be slightly different, attacking the muscles from varied angles and rep ranges.

Confused? So am I. Good thing I still have my handy-dandy fitness logbook, to keep everything straight. For each day, I need to choose one of the below exercises for each muscle group, and select a weight that will challenge me within the rep range given, making sure that I do all three variations in any given week. Generally, I shouldn't ever do the same workout twice.

Day 1: 3 sets of 6-9 reps / Day 2: 8 - 12 reps / Day 3: 12-15 reps

Leg press / Squat / Lunges
Bent-over Row / Lat Pulldown / Cable Row
Bench Press / Flyes / Incline Dumbbell Press
Rear Delts / Shoulder Press / Lateral Raises
Triceps Pressdown / Skull Crushers / Overhead Extensions
Preacher Curl / Barbell Curl / Dumbbell Curl
Knee Raises / Crunches / Oblique Crunches

..followed by my new attempt at cardio, which I like to call Trying To Run, But Failing Miserably And Feeling Foolish. My first "run" involved a 5-minute walking warmup, followed by a 1-minute run and a 3-minute recovery, of which I needed every second. The next day, it felt like I had a bowling ball bouncing around inside me...not good. However, I'm up to 3-4 minutes running, 2 minutes recovery now, and hope to manage a full 20 minutes, straight, within the next 3 weeks.

It seems to be going fairly well, but I've already started "slacking" on the biceps and triceps, only doing 2 sets. After all, I put the little pooper on a postal scale the other day, in his car seat. He weighed in at 20.5 kg, which any gym bum knows is exactly one of the big weight plates, or 45 lbs. THAT explains my somewhat-toned arms!!!

And FINALLY, I'm back on the schedule! I got a call last Tuesday night, saying that they really needed someone to teach the Wednesday morning step class the next day, that they had called everyone else already, and that they were desperate. I felt the love. So, the class is mine, at least till May.



Anonymous said...

"I know that nursing will keep some extra baby fat on me ..."
Um, not true!,,48kp,00.html

I've lost the weight while still nursing and I know others who have done the same or even gone down below their pre-pregnancy weights, maybe not by 11 weeks, but it took you 9 months to gain it!


Anonymous said...

I have to go and lie down now - I read the exercise stuff and it made me very tired.....
Mommmmm - (who is supposed to be doing something about exercise, and honestly feels she will start 'one day soon', but always finds other things to keep her busy!)

Dammit Karen said...

Reply to "T":

I know that, initially, nursing helps burn more calories and shrink the uterus, but the body must maintain a certain percentage of fat in order to keep producing quality and quantity of milk... which is higher than my normal (ok, attained through unnaturally healthy eating and lots of exercise) body fat levels.

Therefore, in the LONG RUN, it will not help me get back to my usual six-packyness, but I agree that it has helped me get to where I am today, and will help me to maintain this on the excess calories I'm taking in. :D


PS - and there's no way that I'm waiting 9 months to get back into my usual shape!!! I can't afford the shopping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen:
Your baby is so darn cute! Sounds like you're all doing great.I am enjoying your blog .....Aunt Chook

Garrett Family said...

Your too funny! Don't worry about your weight! My gosh! (Although I am getting a little bit of sick pleasure out of knowing that I'm a better runner than you!) You're a wonder woman! You'll get back to your best shape ever soon enough I'm sure!

Meg said...

Im with your mom. Nap time!!

Mommy said...

Oh my. That's great. Just watch after the nursing the 10 lbs creeps up pretty fast! I was down to my pre preg wait and then whamo, xmas hit and no nursing!!!

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