Wednesday 18 March 2009

9 weeks old: Fashion File

Though some may say that mixing horizontal stripes with animal prints is a recipe for disaster, I think it's just a matter of the right attitude combined with the right body.

Below, Tarzan Baby models what the runway models only dream of. Eat your heart out, Kate Moss!

Along with the thumb-sucking (yay for self-soothing!), the smiling is coming along very well, along with lots and lots of different sounds and vocalizations, including our favourite, "happy squeak", which will be a giggle in no time, I'm sure!

Hey, what's the best thing in the world? Daddy Time! When Daddy's home, Vaughn has eyes for nothing else...unless one of Gordon Ramsay's shows is on tv. Here's hoping that his first word isn't ...

His new skill (as of yesterday) is tracking the stars hanging from the mobile (thank you, Andra and Chris!) - he's able to focus on them as they revolve, even in just the glow of his nightlight. He's totally happy and mesmerized by it, and if he could talk, he would definitely be screaming, "This is AWESOME!!!!"

Tummy time is still a challenge, since, apparently, we're trying to kill him, but his neck strength and head control are really good, as long as he's not overtired.

All in all, we're all feeling much better -- we're well-rested (5-6 hours of sleep in a row, almost every night), and happy babies DO make for happy parents. Even if Vaughn doesn't think it's bedtime, after the initial protests (what? you want to read me a book? I know what's coming! you can't do this to me! this is an outrage!!!), once he's in his crib, he's ridiculously happy, which tricks us into staying with him and trying to lull him to sleep. It's so hard, when he's grinning from ear to ear, babbling away, and waving his little hands around! Little stinker.

Finally, International Man of Mystery, Count Von Huff, will be globetrotting quite soon, so we've procured a passport for him. Whoa. Guess how much fun THAT photoshoot was! Everyone survived. I wish I could post a clear image, but this is the best I could do without a scanner.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Such a handsome litle boy! Does that mean you are coming to visit me in Lebanon?? We can eat hummus till the tabouleh comes home!

Garrett Family said...

We have the same passport photos of our two at that age. So fun! Now you can come to sunny San Diego!

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