Sunday 25 January 2009

New photos / Homeward Bound!

Well, it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I can honestly say that this parenting thing is a breeze.

Or I'd be able to say that if it were opposite day, which I don't think it is.

The little pooper was on a nice, 3-hour schedule of eating, being diapered and sleeping (all of his own volition!) until a few days ago, at which point he decided that it's more fun to be awake and squawking incessently and inconsolably than asleep and looking angelic.

I think he's started his "3-week" growth spurt, which just means, as far as I can tell, that he's extra cranky and hungry all the time. BUT, we did have a nice hour of awake and happily alert time this morning, which almost makes the following 7 hours ok. Mumble grumble. Mommy needs a nap.

But Vaughn's growing and changing so much by the day - he's focusing his eyes on us a lot more, and although he's not smiling on demand yet, he's definitely got a great random smile!

Hey, we're heading to Ottawa tomorrow! I'm very much looking forward to introducing Vaughn to my parents (and two extra pairs of hands...) and to everyone that can make it to Chez Lucien on Saturday. We're hoping to fulfill our craving for The Works at some point, too, so for those that we don't see on Saturday, we'll send an email about the second opportunity to see us!

Either way, it will be a bunch of firsts: the first time Vaughn's been on a plane, the first time I attempt to nurse in public (I assume he'll have to eat at some point), the first time I cry on an airplane (aside from July's PS I Love You fiasco, I mean), etc. Let's hope that the passengers around us are understanding/deaf/like babies!


Woody said...

Ummm, just so you know, random smiles means gas!

Anonymous said...

Awwww - he doesnt fill out his sleeper (although I bet he does when he poops!)

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that according to your bump watch you are 43 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I think it's time to have the baby already...oh wait...Love the new pictures...he's so adorable :) I wish I could meet him this weekend, but alas I'll be out of town. Let me know about the Works visit and I'll see if I can make it to that! Have a really safe trip :)


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