Friday 20 February 2009

Kapow WHO?

Ok, ok, it's been a while.

Turns out this baby stuff really does take up a lot of time, and again, I use the first nap for a shower, the second to brush my teeth, and then there's a lot of crying and carrying on (and Vaughn cries a lot, too) till bedtime, which is midnight for everyone.

I've been journalling a bit, but unfortunately, this is what it looks like:

8:00 am - Eat (16 min)
Diaper: poopy and wet (K)
Horizontal parenting with suspiciously pleasant baby (songs, tummy time)
Down again at 9:10 am

10:00 am - Psycho baby wakes, screams for Daddy for 20 min
Diaper: poopy and wet (C)
Eat (16 min)
Does yelling count as an activity?
Short nap in bassinet, then on Mommy till...

1:10 pm - Eat (20 min)
Diaper: poopy and wet (K)
Dancing and singing (babies are 2-handied jobbies)
Sleep? Quiet time, anyway, in bouncy chair with soother

(aside: what the heck happened to my life???)

3:40 pm - Eat (15 min, + vitamin D drop)
Diaper: poopy and wet (C)
Sleep: put right to bed at 4:15....and slept and slept!!! :D

6:20 pm - Eat (22 min)
Best diaper change ever! Just wet! (K)
Bouncy chair/rocking/bassinet

8:30 pm - Eat (20 min)
Diaper: poopy and wet (K)
Bathtime! Fairly pleasant baby, till after. Somebody doesn't like being towelled off.

(aside: seriously. this is my life now)

10:00 pm - Eat (12 min)
Still not asleep! Cranky! Snuggles on the couch, finally fell asleep at 10:30.

11:30 pm - Eat (20 min)
Diaper: wet and poopy, and peed on Mommy to boot! (K)
Double-swaddled and put to bed asleep.

4:20 am - YAAAAAY!!!! That's a lot of sleep for Mommy!
Diaper: wet and a little poopy (K)
Eat (16 min)
Down, fully asleep at 4:50 am

So, um, I'm hoping to have more interesting stuff to post here, but you'll have to settle for baby pictures for now. More to come, once I find out where I put my USB cable...


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! And what a comfy couch.

Anonymous said...

Vaugh is getting so long!!!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable!! You look so happy. Big hugs to you both


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