Monday 10 March 2008

D(elinquent) (blo)G(ger): part 2

Two posts in one day - the DG is obviously overcompensating!!!

Last night, being unsupervised and all, I was feeling nostalgic for my university days.

My third-year roommate and I used to cook up all sorts of fantastic concoctions, and name them, well, fantastically.

Maloonie was a greek salad sort of meal, with peppers and feta. Deeelicious. Ecstasy was a dessert, made of graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate chips, pecans, and a caramel sauce. It was ecstasy.

But last night, I was in the mood for Pango.

Pango is a mediterranean pizza, usually made on a pita, but I made do with tortillas. I lightly misted them with olive oil first, and put them under the broiler to brown slightly. In the meantime, I sauteed wee pieces of chicken breast in a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and pepper, then removed them to a bowl. To the same pan, I added some more oil, chopped onion and garlic, zucchini, tomato, basil, salt and pepper, and let them sizzle together until they were softened and the liquid was absorbed.

This mixture was then spread evenly on the tortillas. The chicken was arranged on top, then feta was sprinkled liberally, and the pans were put back into the oven. Once the edges started to brown, it was done.

It was healthy and heavenly, nicely complimented by a Strongbow, and there is a second Pango for dinner today!

Oh, of course I also made a (small) pan of Ecstasy, too, but either I ate it before I could take a photo, or I'm too ashamed to post how much of it there was (though possibly, I only ate half of it last night, and had the rest for breakfast this morning...) - we may never know the true answer.

And, here I am sitting on my back deck this afternoon, just before heading out for a run in this beautiful weather.

There were only a few puddles to jump over as I ran along the trails beside the coulee, then doubled back to run to the tepee, then back through the coulee again. It was my first time trying out the trails, and the changes in elevation gave me a spectacular view and quite the cardiovascular workout!

I ran for 50 minutes total, a record (this year), and look forward to more nice weather, so that I can do it more often!

I'm sure that I more than burned off any Ecstasy left in my system...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Wow! I thought we were the only ones naming our dinner preparations. Except we just choose any random geographical location. Dan makes a yummy Pembroke chicken. I make an interesting Winnipeg lasagna. I could go for a little Pango right now.

Garrett Family said...

So, I was re-reading your blog entry and I noticed the D and G were capitalized and that you called yourself a delinquent blogger. (Actually I noticed all that the first time around). The second time around though, I had a weird feeling that you were calling me a delinquent blogger since I hadn't blogged in a very long time and my initials are DG. Now, writing this, though, I think I might just be a little full of myself but I have started to update my blog so I am delinquent no more (just in case you were referring to me)!

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