Thursday 27 March 2008

Are you still antici...painting?

Yes, I finally finished the bathroom! It's amazing how a visit from the parents expediates all manner of household improvements! We spent quite the busy weekend/week touching up, finishing, organizing, putting together the guest room, planning menus...

But by far, the most exciting bit was the guest bathroom!

When we last checked in with our heroine, she had base-coated the bathroom a nice light silvery grey, already a marked improvement from the dingy grey-green.

The next step was measuring, marking, and taping the stripes.

Notes to remember for other mini-Marthas out there: before taping, mark which stripes you'll be painting (to avoid accidentally painting the wrong stripe AND to make sure that you don't end up with an uneven number of stripes) and tape OUTSIDE the stripe you'll be painting (so your stripes won't look even, but you have to deal with it).

A more ept person would have figured out how to use the "laser" level. However, being moderately inept (ok, completely inept), I tied the paint key to a long piece of twine, taped it to the ceiling at the marks, and taped beside it.

Mini-Martha tip: if you go this route, don't use twine, since I also taped all the fuzz and lint to the wall, as well.

Of course, I painted over the fuzz, too, and had to remove it as I went. The painting bit, as always, was a lot of fun, and even with the tape on, I had hope that it would turn out like it does on tv.

Two coats in one day, edging the ceiling without tape (a risky move, but it worked very well, and saved time), tape removal, and then a few touchups of the ceiling and bits where the tape ripped off all the paint, right down to the drywall, which we're not going to talk about (Chris to the rescue! He primed and repainted those spots).

Oh, and don't look behind the toilet.

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Garrett Family said...

Very cool bathroom! I wish I could pull that off but painting is definitely not for me!

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