Monday 10 March 2008

DG: Domestic Goddess? Or Delinquent bloGger?

All right, all right. I know I've been delinquent in my updates. However, honestly, I... have no excuse.

Work has become super interesting and challenging...this week. I've been painting the third

What, you ask? You've been PAINTING a BATHROOM? Tell me all about it!

Ok, ok.

First, it has to be said that it was fine the way it was, very nicely painted, really. It's just that our stuff (towels, shower curtain, etc.... ok, just towels and shower curtain, since really, what else do you put in a bathroom?) didn't match. Instead of going out and spending money on new towels and a shower curtain, we invested the same amount of money, and about 20 x the time, into repainting. Kaff.

This is the guest bathroom on the upper level, and the only bathroom we haven't done yet. So, with His Huffness away this weekend, I decided to get started.

It's a pale grey-green, the same shade that was throughout the house. So far, it's been relegated to just our bedroom and the upper floor.

And this is how I feel about it:

Step one: Scrub the walls with TSP, rinse the walls, tape everything that you don't want to get painted. This step took about 2 hours, is boring, and really doesn't give you much satisfaction.

Step two: "Cut in" around the corners, fixtures, etc. Again, time consuming and not much fun...mostly because of all the time spent awkwardly stuffing myself behind the toilet. (Note to visitors: please don't criticize the paint job behind the toilet.)

Step three: Wheee! Roll the paint on, and have a good time doing it! This is the outcome, so far. Two coats of a steel-grey paint, and we're ready to...well, to let it sit for 48 hours, before "we" attempt the next bit. Chris has washed his hands of this particular project, and you'll see why with the next batch of updates.

After (part one)

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