Friday 2 February 2007

Flossing? Check! What's next?

So, there's a neat tool out there called

It's an online, interactive site that lets you create a virtual image of yourself. From there, you can dress yourself up, see what clothes suit you, and also set body goals. Let's try this, shall we?

If you look closely, you'll see some major differences between the two images. Figure 1 (at left) is actually very close to what I look like, ponytail and all, on any given day.

If, however, my goal is to look like the infinitely more attractive Figure 2, I can use these images to inspire myself to blow-dry my hair more often (yes, it's in a ponytail today... again), and to wear a pushup bra.
Only time will tell if I stick to this strict styling and padding regime.

I'll start....tomorrow.

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