Friday 9 April 2021

GROUND CONTROL launches April 23rd!

Image credit: Lights Out Ink

So, my career as a writer has officially reached a new milestone. I'm excited (and more than a little terrified) to announce that my debut novel, Ground Control, will be released later this month, from publishing house Lights Out Ink.

Ground Control follows Sarah Harper as she tags along behind her husband's career yet again, this time, to the new colony on Mars. More Women's Fiction than SciFi, the story focuses on the complex emotional fabric of Sarah's life as she struggles to prepare for the journey, leave her past behind, and find her place in this new reality.

Advanced copy reviewers have been so very kind! (Check them out on GoodReads.) There are still some ARCs available at BookSirens, so if you'd like to leave an early review, download your copy today!

You can also pre-order your ebook or paperback now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and other retailers — just search up Ground Control KA Hough — it's there, I promise.


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