Wednesday 28 April 2021

Book Launches to Much Fanfare

Local author is exhausted

So, that's it, then! My book has launched! My book baby has officially gone forth into the world, and let me tell you, it is nothing like having an actual baby, for the following reasons:

An actual baby

...Not really that much effort to make, tbh. I mean, I was going to eat and sleep and buy new pants over that nine-month period anyway. Yes, I was tired and cranky, but who's really to say that I wouldn't have been tired and cranky anyway?

Writing Ground Control 

The writing of the first draft took a cool 30 days. No problemo. Of course, it was (according to Fis) 30 bad days in a row, with heightened emotion and stress, so yes, somewhat like creating a baby, but only for a month. After that, I put it out of mind (ha!) for a full six weeks, dusted it off, and began the long, arduous process of rewriting and editing, filling out and cutting back. This went on for another five months, then the query process began. That took two months, and by the time I signed on with Episodic Reading, I was sure I was done. 

Not so fast. I needed to rewrite each section to fit into an episodic format, with evenly-sized episodes and, if possible, cliffhangers at the end of each one. And THEN they were passed through the editing wringer. So that was another four months. Then, when Episodic folded, and Lights Out Ink rose from the ashes to welcome Ground Control to their catalogue, I rewrote/redid/rejigged again for a proper print format... so another three months there. 

All this to say, the writing of my novel took more time — and far more concentrated effort — than any of my babies. I'm not saying it's better or worse, just that it's different. Also, I got to drink throughout, so that was nice.

Having a baby

Although the lead up to having a baby is quite challenging for a few (too many) hours, that's when the real hard part starts. Sure, like with a book, there are a few moments of holding, gazing lovingly, and smelling it, but too soon, it requires care, feeding and changing, just when you want a nap.

Launching a book

The feeling, of opening up the box that contained my book and holding it for the first time, was magical. I cried. I told everyone I knew what I had done. Launch day required me to participate (awkwardly) in two interviews — one with my publisher and another with a real live podcast —  (after running an annual half-marathon, so you can imagine how articulate I was) and put some kind of cheerful face on at home. But when I put the book down and take a nap (which I need after trying to be not socially awkward), it stays where I left it, and my pants still fit.

There are still many marketing/launch-y events to come, of course. I proudly mumbled about it to my librarian, who ordered it on the spot, and insists that, as soon as they can host an event, it will be a book launch for me. My friends have declared that a party is in order. My publisher is convinced that I will be come ever more coherent and charming in a not-on-paper format... we'll see. She is also convinced that a second book should be written, edited and published as soon as possible. When do I have the time for that, exactly???

But, for those of you that are interested in this whole process, there you have it. And if you're interested in hearing about Ground Control, my process, my inspiration, or any other thing I'm up to, please sign up for my newsletter, which will be sporadic at best and spotty at most, and will attempt to capture all of these events and talks and mentions. 

After my nap, that is.

PS - the other thing you could do that would be lovely and very much appreciated is to leave a review of Ground Control wherever you bought it, as well as Goodreads.

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