Sunday 28 July 2019

DG presents a Brilliant Hummus Hack

Hummus Recipe: Dammit, Karen's gone and improved on her Yummus recipe!
Carrot sticks and hummus on a plate
A colourful new take on (non-vegetarian) hummus

Jamie Oliver has given us so much.  By "us", of course I mean our family, which has enjoyed several recipes from his 5 Ingredients cookbook (except for one -- spoiler alert, it is not fabulous).

One of our favourite "company dishes" is his Moroccan-inspired lamb shoulder, which is easy, delicious, fancy, feeds eight, and, because it cooks for six hours, I get serious cred and kudos, even though the actual work part is about 15 minutes. We pair it with couscous (preseasoned, just add boiling water) and either a (very) simple, parsley-based salad or, last time, another five-ingredient recipe (which I reduced to four by omitting the broad beans) - a nice minty-yet-spicy dish of peas.

The only drawback: not enough lamb and too many chickpeas
Each time, the lamb is a hit, the chickpeas underneath are tender and tasty (Ziggy agrees), and we end up with leftovers: usually enough lamb for one or two people for lunch, and enough chickpeas to feed all five of us for a week. If we ate only chickpeas.

So good. But so, so much.

So, I took my classic Yummus!(TM) recipe and gave it a twist.

Warning: this is not for vegetarians.

By taking the leftover chickpeas, tomatoes and preserved lemons (which, as you recall, have been slow-braised in lamb fat for six hours to make them extra succulent), and whirring them in the blender with some lemon juice (fresh is best, but any port in a storm, no?), peanut butter (aka "the tahini of my kitchen"), two cloves of garlic and a handful of fresh parsley, I have transformed "leftovers" into "even more delicious yummus than usual".

The Hufflings adored it, even though it was a "funny" colour.

Try it, and let me know what you think!

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