Tuesday 3 October 2017

Assorted Odd Huffling Facts

Hufflings eat weird food.  They always have.  Here, they eat an entire bag of Beetroot Horseradish Dill crisps, and really don't share enough of them with me.

Hufflings clean up good.  Like their mom, they dress in sweats and tatters most of the time, with mussy hair and food on their faces, but when they do it up, they do it up right.  We went to a housewarming on the weekend, and took the tube across town.*

The ride home is never as exciting as the way there.  It's late, we're all tired, and Tamsin adopts a relaxed post-party posture while Vaughn catches up on current events.

* Benefits to having to walk/take the tube everywhere:  no designated drivers needed!  (hic)

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Unknown said...

I love this...I am catching up on some reading too! So fun to see the life you are up to now. Jenny

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