Thursday 23 July 2015

Whoa... time lapse.

Ok, listen.  If it helps, I feel guilty every day about not updating this thing.  In fact, I feel terrible.  So, in just a few pictures, here's the important stuff that has happened lately:

Two muppets, muppeting around on MY PIANO!!!!  
I GOT A PIANO!!!  After years and years of dreaming and quietly saving, I made good on half of my threat to Chris when we went to Toronto for a year:  since he wouldn't be around, I was going to buy a piano and a kitty.  I found this gorgeous instrument in my neighbourhood, for a great price, and even had a tuner accompany me to ensure that it was a good buy.  Turns out it was made in the 1890s... and it sounds beautiful.  Our living room seems to have shrunk a bit, however.

Remaining muppet.  And MY PIANO!!!!
Visitors from the East arrived in ...May?  June?  A while back.  I had met Aaron, long, long ago, when I moved in across the street from him when I was 3.  He was up visiting with Cathy, Chase and Helen.  It was lovely, but so very, very strange to see our kids playing together.  Especially as Tamsin and Helen are about the same age that Aaron and I were when we met.  Yikes.  It still seems surreal.

This is an amazing picture of the Hufflings and my friend Aaron's kids, all sitting together nicely, eating freezies.  

A day at the park... well, there are many days at the park, but not always with the camera.  Tamsin is determined to keep up with her big brother and sister, and climbs like a monkey, scaring the bejeezus out of everyone.  She's proven over and over that she's capable, but it's still nervewracking to watch her go.  She is so funny, but uses her humour and cuteness to get away with evil.  I often describe her as "a Terrible Two with Red Hair... so, like Satan, but with more creativity and energy."

Tamsin's big now.

Vaughn's now lost his top 2 and bottom 2 baby teeth.  He looked absolutely ridiculously adorable for a while, but now his big teeth are coming in and he's just handsome again.  Snif.  He can read so much more than we think he can, adds, subtracts, and is generally brilliant.  He still loves lego, and we're going through the Harry Potter books together, as well as the first 3 Star Wars movies.  He draws very intricate pictures of people with bombs and guns, so I'm half proud...?
Vaughn's teeth were super goofy for a while.  Also, he can fly a super-cool RC airplane 

Ailsa.... what to say about her?  She is strong, energetic, spirited, creative, fiercely loving, and a very loud handful!  She blows us away with her strength, determination, and auditory memory, and had a very successful first year at school.  She makes friends wherever she goes, with her joy and also her raucous, inappropriate laughter.
Ailsa:  strong and fierce.

These two are ridiculous - they are either getting along like mad or driving each other crazy!

Last but not least, this was taken today.  They are having a great summer with Miss Kat, who helps them with arts and crafts, projects, trips to the library and pools, and generally spoils them completely.  Our summer has started quite nicely with soccer camp for V, a horrible, rainy camping trip, and we have upcoming plans for a learn-to-fish day, swimming lessons, gymnastics camp for Ailsa, a trip to Halifax and another camping trip that will be fun and pleasant, dammit.

Mild-mannered Hufflings by night (when they're asleep and quiet), these superheroes transform into their true selves in the light of day.  Bad guys and cookies, look out!  Your days are numbered....
Don't give up on me.

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