Wednesday 4 September 2013

Taking the Biscuit

Today was a stellar day, parenting-wise.*

Check this out:

We got up at 7 (still not ready for school, but don't worry!  We still have 2 more days!), played outside, went to the train museum on a playdate, went to the fish store (our newest addition, Scuba, needed a house), and came home for a nice lunch of corn soup, crackers, yogurt, and carrot cake (thanks, Grandma!).

Full name:  Scuba Gooding Jr., of course.**

While the girls napped, Vaughn and I cleaned Scuba's tank, built a castle with blocks, and practiced writing our numbers.***  When Ailsa woke up, the two of them, giggling, helped themselves to granola bars, but they cleverly each volunteered a big bite to me, to bargain for not having to share with each other).  I took Miss Tamsin out in the stroller while the kids rode their bikes to the park for a few more minutes of activity before dinner, which was a biscuit-topped casserole that used up the chicken and cauliflower leftover from last night.  Yes, biscuits!  Mmmm, biscuits! All in all, a day worthy of the title Domestic Goddess.

 "Mmmm-mm!  Know who doesn't like biscuits?" I asked the kids.  "Crazy people."

They ate for a while in silence, then Ailsa leaned over to me seriously.

"Mommy," she asked, "Does Uncle Sean like biscuits?"

Now, the obvious interpretation to that question was cemented when Vaughn waited a few beats then asked, "What about Aunt Tracey?  Does she like biscuits?"

It's been three hours, and I'm still giggling.

* What I mean by that, of course, is that all three kids behaved themselves really well without any actual work on my part, and I didn't have to put on my cranky pants.

**  Here's wishing him a happy home with us, like his predecessors, Bellini (2006-2007) and Buddy (2008), RIP (Rest In Plumbing).

***  I'm pretty good.

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