Wednesday 28 August 2013

Mother of the Year

Just a quick one tonight.

Last night, it was past bedtime.  All three Hufflings were tucked in, and were wished "good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams", as usual, and reassured that I'd see them at seven.

They (ok, Vaughn and Ailsa, anyway) know that Mommy does not do well with being roused before seven am.  This is going to become a really big problem in about a week, as Vaughn's school bus (snif) comes by at around 7:45, and I'm pretty sure that we can't all eat, get dressed, and be washed/brushed in under 45 minutes.  I'll deal with that... maybe tomorrow.

Anyhoo, the only reasons to get out of bed before seven are for potty, and lately, for being scared.  Because what kind of parent yells up to a kid who gets out of bed and calls down the stairs, "Mommy!  I'm scared!" with, "No, you're not.  Go back to bed.  And stop yelling.  You're keeping Ailsa and Tamsin awake."

Jeez.  Written down like that, it looks pretty bad, I guess.  But what I didn't say, what I really wanted to add was, "... Besides, screaming attracts monsters."

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Garrett Family said...

Been there. I haven't won any awards in the last few weeks for my 'great mothering'. Bummer.

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