Monday 9 September 2013

All Growed Up

One down.

The Vaughnster went off for his first day of junior kindergarten on Friday.  

My little man got himself dressed in his new clothes, his new jacket and his new backpack, and got on that bus without even looking back.  Waaaah!

"Smile," I said.  "No, Mommy," he said, "I want to look serious."

At the school bus stop, my brave young man salutes us before he heads off to scholastic war.  The womenfolk look on admiringly.

That made it sound so simple.  I can't believe how challenging it was to simply pack his freaking lunch.  The new school system (at Manor Park PS, anyway), requires not a lunch and two snacks, but two "nutrition breaks".  These are two meals that divide the day into thirds.  Also, due to the litterless lunch policy, you can't send juice boxes, yogurt cups, or anything even in a baggie.  Also, there are no nuts allowed.  And also, the lunches/snacks have to be divided up and labeled so that a hungry, distracted 4-year old doesn't eat the whole thing at 10:30 and be starving and thirsty till 3:38, when he gets off the bus.  Also, it all needs to fit into his lunch box.  With two drinks.

It only took two and a half hours of effort on my part the night before, but I did it.  Of course, both drinks (milk and 50/50 juice and water, frozen to act as an ice pack) leaked in his bag, so when he got home, I had to empty everything out of everything (everything that was perfectly labeled, I might add) and wash it all out.

But!  This amazing kid pulled the stool over to the sink, and climbed up.  I had asked him to just dump all of his empty tupperware into the sink, but he insisted on -- wait for it -- washing each and every piece by hand.

Getting off the bus at the end of the day... and full of smiles!
 He has decided to go back on Monday.  I hope to not cry so much this time.


Anonymous said...

Did you know they sell special lunch bags for the "balanced day" meal plan... they're divided into 2 equal-sized compartments for the 2 nutrition breaks.
- T.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww - so cute and yes, so grown up! (Sisters are cute too - Ailsa looks very proud of her big brother!)

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