Saturday 11 May 2013

What a week!

Nothing but good stuff this week!

It kicked off with a beautiful Saturday evening out to celebrate our friend Fred's birthday.  Chris and I got dolled up, left the kids with the ridiculously-relaxed (and awesome) Ramona, and even had a drink on Sparks Street* before we met up at Hy's.  Delicious food, good wine, and great conversation - it's so nice to hang out with adults!

Chris jumped out of the cake in a sparkly white number to sing Happy Birthday to the president... oh wait, no, that was someone else.... anyhoo, he was the star performer, but I seem to have recorded the bit just after he sang (could have been that I let the screwdriver, mojito, and beaujolais hold my phone) so that moment will have to live on in our (hazy) memories.

The kids woke up the next morning to find a slalom course of balloons - I wish I could wake up with that kind of enthusiasm!  (But I'll let you imagine the cab ride home... the driver was very kind to let our giant bouquet into the backseat!)

Thank you, Fred, for including us in your special day (and for the leftover cake and balloons too, of course!).  Many happy returns to the youngest 50-year-old I've ever met!

Later in the week, I was approached by the amazing Betty Lee, and she asked permission to whisk me and the Hufflings away for a Mother's Day photoshoot.  Um, let me check my -- YES!!!

What a beautiful night!  We worried a bit about rain throughout the day, but it ended up being absolutely perfect weather, with gorgeous tulips and just the right lighting. 

Betty is an artist, a professional, and she was so patient with my two active, excited Hufflings! Oh, and me, too.

The girls borrowed beautiful dresses and accessories from Betty's stash, Vaughn was devastatingly handsome in his complementary outfit, and I was lucky enough to find the perfect dress at Marshall's... for $15.  I rock. 

Yes, I'm a ham.  And no, I didn't style my hair.  I figured I should look somewhat like me.  To help with the "looking like me" bit, I also got quite sweaty, carrying a stroller with a Giant Baby down 4 flights of stairs in the humid parking garage. 

Here's hoping that next week goes as swimmingly!

*  The bartenders,  however, were not as really, really ridiculously good-looking as I was expecting.

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