Wednesday 24 April 2013

Tamsin Toothamint!

Alternate title:  The continuing storrrrry of a girl with a grin.

Four and a half months and two teeth for Tamsin!       So far, all attempts to capture the cutie patoothie on film has been thwarted by either fingers in her mouth or a tongue sticking out.  You can try to look closely at these pictures and videos, and let me know if you can see them, but I can't.  I swear that there are two, very cute little toothlings that showed up last week.  Tamsin had a fussy (for her) day, and a fussy (for her) night -- she woke up once.  Odd, I thought.  Hey, a tooth!  And two hours later, behold!  Another tooth!
Happy Girl, not showing off her teeth. 
With great teeth come great responsibilities.  And not-so-great rice cereal.
Below, it's breakfast in Huff House East.  This is Tamsin's first taste of "food", and Vaughn and Ailsa make guest appearances.  Lately, they've been getting up and changing into their bathrobes, so they can be Just Like Daddy.

Happy Girl, the movie.

Turn your speakers up a bit for this one, please! 
Translation:  argle fargle bargle glarp.  Argle bargle argle.  Wee wee wee.  Argle.

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