Tuesday 19 February 2013

I'm waddling off the rails of the gravy train

Apologies to Ozzy.*

Anyhoo.  Let's just say that nine months of eating for two, 11 weeks of bedrest (instead of intense daily workouts), the holidays, and of course the awesome legendary Huff Candy Basket (which is still overflowing from Christmas) have done nothing for my fitness level, mood, or ability to fit into pants. 

I have, literally, 3 pairs of sweatpants and 2 pairs of maternity jeans that I wear.  It's not good.  There is, let's say, more of me to love.

But, 11 weeks or so after the birth, I'm starting to feel pretty good about my back-in-shape efforts...after about 5 weeks of 3-times-a-week workouts (a combination of Kinect, Jillian Michaels** and a less-than-triumphant return to weight/cardio intervals at the gym), I'm gearing up to teach my first Attack class at the end of the week.  In that vein, I thought I'd attempt some non-stretchy pants. After all, I was getting stronger! Slimmer! Less cuddly!  I decided to start with what I liked to call my Last Remaining Pair of Normal Pants - the last ones that fit before I was fully into maternity clothes.


Ok, ok, so it's been, oh, 22 weeks or so of poor eating habits, with a 16-week stretch of no working out whatsoever.  Not to mention that my "good metabolism" was apparently actually the result of eating well (plus chocolate) and hardcore dedication to the gym, 5 days a week.  Dammit.  I thought I could coast on the losing-weight-by-breastfeeding propaganda, but the scale says no.  Also (and here's where the excuses begin), I have been afraid to clean up my diet or work out too hard, since Tamsin has required supplementation with formula - I didn't want to jeopardize my milk supply even more. 

But again, with the return-to-GoodLife looming (and the image in the mirror depressing), I've decided that I'm getting back on track.  I've been still eating pregnancy-sized portions - like at Montana's the other day (kids' choice, I swear), when I had the quesadillas (with water, thank you very much), and shared one of my triangles with Ailsa... and then was still starving after eating the other three.  Um, usually I'm stuffed after two.  It was a bit of a wakeup call.  Also, true confession time, I don't usually snack with the kids, preferring to grab a cookie, or chocolate, or (gasp!) PopTart instead, when they're napping. 

So, the plan goes a little something like this:  Although I can't commit to increasing the frequency of workouts right now, I'm adding more snacks in... snacks with the kids, that is, morning and afternoon.  The days of eat what I say, not what I eat are over (wine, aside, of course), so I'll be increasing my fruits and veggies (with a bit of protein in the form of yogurt, cheese, nuts-and-seeds or milk).  No more crap-on-the-couch every night (note: wine is not "crap").  I'm also going to add in a protein shake with breakfast to up my protein intake further, and increase my water intake exponentially.

The goal?  Losing 8 pounds by the time my mother goes on another cruise.  (Don't ask).***

And, of course, fitting into my damn fat pants. 

* And I apparently have to start avoiding the gravy boat, as well.  Boo.
** Yep, still hate her.
*** It's on.


SICC Site said...

I sail on April 6th - is that enough time to meet your goal? I hope so, since I have a similar goal and am starting to feel a little panicky about my lack of progress..... But now, possibly, you might be less harsh on those of us who still can't fit into our pre-pregnancy pants! And my candy drawer is minuscule compared to the size of your candy basket!


Garrett Family said...

Is this one of those posts where we're supposed to believe you're all big from being pregnant when in reality you weigh 100 lbs soaking wet (and with all that hair - that's saying something!) and the rest of us have to feel super bad because we weigh at least 40 pounds more than you and we're still sitting on the couch?!

Not really feeling you, sister!! :)

Dammit Karen said...

Ok, fine. I'm 110 pounds, soaking wet or not. And until I can wear my pants again, I want pity!!! So there, Ms. Marathon Runner!!!

Garrett Family said...

Okay, I do not run marathon's...half-marathon's thank you very much, and I still don't pity you Skinny!

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