Tuesday 5 February 2013

At least I'm succeeding at flossing

This is going to come out wrong no matter what I do, but here goes:  I think of Michael Buble in the shower every day. 

Wait.  Maybe I should clarify.  I don't think about Michael-Bublé-in-the-shower.  He's not my type.  But I suppose saying that when I'm in the shower, and I mean every time I'm in the shower, I think about him, sounds just as bad.

No, I said he's not my type.

See, we have a large, loud Musical Bubbles Octopus in our bathtub (as one does).  It plays annoying songs, blows annoying bubbles, and the kids love it to bits at bathtime.  But when I see the word "Bubbles", it makes me think "Bublé".  And that makes me think of a sketch that SNL put on, starring Michael Bublé and Jon Hamm, about a pork-and-champagne restaurant, naturally called Hamm and Bublé.

Now, I have never seen this sketch.  Maybe someone told me about it, or maybe I overheard it mentioned on the radio.  But for some reason, every time I get in the shower, I can't help thinking about Hamm and Bublé and pork and champagne.


Ok, now I've watched it, and man, that is funny stuff.  And I don't expect to not think of Mr. Bubbly in the shower from now on.  In fact, I believe I'll be singing along.*  Awesome.  I highly recommend clicking that link.

So, to sum up, yes, I am totally, completely exhausted.  The kids are sick, and have been up all night for, oh, 9 days in a row now.  Tamsin doesn't like napping between 1 and 8 pm, and I'm barely holding it together...but the one thing I'm doing well at is flossing.  Huzzah for dental success!** 

*Delicious ham, refreshing champagne, ah what a wonderful restaurant!

**Overtired, delirious, silly, silly success.

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