Saturday 26 January 2013

Tamsin's 8-week update, long overdue

Ok, ok, so Tamsin is 8 weeks old and has barely had made her presence felt at all on the interweb.  She blames the second child, naturally.  I blame the fact that... ok, I have no excuse, and feel shame.*

So, I present:

An Advanced Baby (of course) rocking tummy time at 4 weeks. 
She looks as if to say, "Tummy time?  Piff.  Now challenge me."

Mostly, she's a pretty peaceful little girl. We seem to have figured out the feeding thing (nursing followed by a bit of formula makes everyone happy) (until diaper time, that is), and after she's finished spitting it up (either on Mommy or directly into her outfit or snowsuit), she watches her brother and sister play, or more likely, gets sort of smothered by them. They love her so very, very much, but seem to always want to be on top of her in order to give her a kiss.

Hanging out with Grandma at 6 weeks.  Yep, she's a redhead.  Poor skidoo. 
However, she does have Vaughn's rooster hair going on.  No matter what, it doesn't flatten, which is completely awesome!!!
Vaughn and Ailsa have Chris' colouring, and turn nutbrown in the summer.  This kid's going to be white as snow.  (Or hot pink and peeling.) (At last!  Someone to sit in the shade with me!)

Above, we had a nice "little" celebration for the V-man's 4th birthday.  More on that later (after I post Ailsa's 2nd birthday, which happened in June.  Patience...patience...), but Tamsin was passed around from arm to arm all party long - the perfect guest!

The red eyebrows come from (what else?) reading with her eyes shut. Or, possibly, screaming. At all other times, they have to be pencilled in. I haven't yet, but it's soooo tempting.

On January 6, she had an epiphany, and figured out the whole smiling goofily thing.  She seems to get a kick out of us, for some reason.  The worst smiley times are at bedtime, however - when she's getting her jammies on, she's full of gurgles, coos, smiles, and conversation... just when we want her to wind down for sleep!  Of course, we are helpless to resist her charm, and she sucks us in every night.

Speaking of night, we have a pretty good little routine going (knock wood):  the older two do baths, jammies, teeth, stories, songs, and into bed by 7:30, then Tamsin gets her bath and one more feed and is usually out for the night by 9 at the latest.  She's been waking up usually just once (but now that I've cursed myself, it will be more) around 4:30 or 5 am, but I can live with that!  Last week, she was measured at 9 lbs, 10 oz, and by the time she gets to 10 lbs (hopefully tonight), I figure she's ready for a nice 12-hour stretch.  (hopefully tonight) 

And finally, here we are at 8 weeks, ready to Skype.  Note just how darn pleasant we look!  We're also available for playdates, coffee dates, and lunches...

* ...but may I point out that I was still on bedrest longer than she's been around, so it evens out somehow...

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