Thursday 12 July 2012

Whole Sort of General Mish Mash

There IS more to come for February-June (honest!), but in the meantime, here's some quick updates of "recent" "excitement" in Huff House East.

The Domestic Goddess gets herself into a pickle...
Inspired (ordered?) by sous-chef Encraque, the DG blended up a quick white bean dip (with fresh lemon, sundried tomatoes, and basil from our garden...the part that the squirrels and too-hot weather have left alone), fenced in by carrots, with non-prickly, pickly cactuses (cacti?) standing in them.  The salt and tang of the pickle really went well with the mild bean flavour.  OlĂ©!

This photo shows off not only the ridiculous snuggliness of the Hufflings, but also my new, improved teeth.  The braces have come off, and I'm just left with a nice smile.  And 6 more months of perpetual retainer wear, followed by nighttime use for the rest of my life.  Worth it.

Um, newsflash... ish.
After an afternoon of fabric painting, the Hufflings proudly showed off their creations...with a twist.

So, yep, it's happening again.
  20 weeks along, today.  Yahoo?  More, of course, to follow.
When I get around to it.


Garrett Family said...

Oh, crazy girl!! Can't wait to see that belly when we come visit! CONGRATS!

Zoey said...

oh wow! congrats to you and Chris! :))

Nat Tremblay

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