Wednesday 20 June 2012

What, January already?

January 9, 2012:  The Vaughnster hit the big 0-3 with a bang!

Here, he samples the cake, the night before his big day. 
Quality Assurance is a big thing in the House of Huff. 
He approved.

As usual, we invited far too many friends for our little house, but nobody seemed to mind too much.  I had the kids make individual mini-pizzas, and baked them while they were forced against their will invited to play in the backyard a while.

Ailsa was a bit tippy in her poofy snowsuit, but played the snowbunny quite well.

As an Adult Supervisor, you need to watch out and be careful around kids, especially in the winter.  Not only are they delicate and sensitive creatures, but they can also smell fear surprisingly well in the cold.  Rebecca is quickly taken down by a horde of hooligans.

After coming back in to warm up/dry off/eat pizza, la pièce de résistance was presented:
the construction site cake.  Ooooo.....

Vaughn at 3 is an intelligent, musical, witty little boy - he can count, knows his alphabet, dances like nobody's watching, and is genuinely kind and loving with his Mommy, Daddy, and little sister.  AND he still laughs at Mommy's jokes (self-high-five!).  You can see him quietly figuring things out, puzzling out questions that don't quite make sense - you can't put anything past him!  His favourite thing in the whole wide world is trucks.  He'll also tell you what's what, make vrooming noises constantly, explain his "point of view" loudly and persistently, and find loopholes in anything to tell him to stop doing.  He seems to have retained his temper, but is (still) proud of his big-boy underpants, which he transitioned into last summer. 

And the biggest deal of turning 3?  "Little Lego" - the big boy stuff.  This kid can not only put together puzzles, but build amazing lego cars, trucks, boats... and then explain what they're for, what they do, and what else he could build, if only he had more of it....

We're curious to see what the future will bring, but are definitely enjoying the journey with our little Schmoo.

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