Thursday 14 June 2012

A Brief History of Time (Dec '11)

Alternate title:  Holy Crap, she updated the blog

I promised a retro update of everything that has happened up to now ("First, the earth cooled.  Then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat..."  anyone?  anyone?), so here it is in brief:  Christmas till now has been an adventure and a challenge, and we've survived, so far! 

December '11:  Christmas in the Huff House!

The Huffmas 2011 Photoshoot started well.  I mean, it was practically inspired!  Two adorable kids in jammies, a laundry basket, a christmassy blanket, some holiday-themed props... how hard could it be to get a decent photo of both of them at the same time? 
Off to a good start.

One out of two ain't bad.

Wow.  Ok, let's try again.

A little less cheese, please.

Please don't lose focus on me now... it's only been 90 seconds.

Maybe I can photoshop two of these together.

One tries to escape.   Note the helping hand lifting up...
...someone doesn't like being forcibly restrained for a freaking Christmas card picture.

My helper is a bit heavy-handed with confining his sister.  This photo doesn't do the screaming justice.  And let's just say it went downhill from there.


My annual gingerbread house extravaganza was more ill-advised than usual (usually, Fis is my reluctant helper.  At least these two were enthusiastic, to say the least.  A LOT of candy didn't make it onto the house). 

Ailsa tries out this whole "undecorating" the Christmas tree that she's heard so much about from Vaughn.  We had only one spot for the tree, in a corner fenced in by the two couches, which turned out to be perfect for minimizing the escape options of said tree undecorators.

Daddy puts the angel on the finished tree!
 (Really?  his smile says.  We still have your cat angel?)  (Yes, Chris.  Yes, we do.  And it's awesome.)

The stockings were hung, and nobody managed to get their heads stuck between the rails.  A success!  They surprisingly went to bed quite well, with visions of Santa (sugarplums just can't compete), and were up at about 6 to see the loot. 

Santa didn't disappoint.  TWO SPOILED KIDLETS (and two spoiled parents) had a great time with everything holiday.  Chris and I enjoyed Christmas coffee and hot chocolate... well, Bailey's with a splash of coffee or hot chocolate.  So refined!  (hic)

Later in the day, the kids begged and begged to try out their new snowshovels!  (kinda)   

How could I, a trying-to-be good mom, say no to those little faces? It's Christmas.

(ok, maybe I decided that a little too much sugar and presents might be better celebrated outside for a while)

Somehow, I don't have pictures of the huge, divine feast that Chris cooked up, practically all by himself.  We asked Mom and Dad to bring some pie, and tucked into a traditonal dinner.  Merry Belated Christmas, one and all!

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