Sunday 17 April 2011

Let me Entertain(ment) you...

A cheapskate, moi?

I prefer "thrifty".

One of our first purchases on the Return to Ottawa was the Entertainment Book, which was used and abused to its fullest when we lived here before.

We forgot to defrost chicken? And it's -25 out? Let's just see what's within 2 blocks (and $7 off), shall we?

We can't decide where to go? Let's just see what the Entertainment book has in that area, hmm?

We have a special occasion? And we're trying a new place? Let's do it for half price!

It was easy and convenient back then. It encouraged us to try new places (well, once the coupons for our favourites were used up, anyway), and made us feel less guilty for eating out, sometimes 3 times a week. (This possibly had something to do with the Market living.) One Easter, I had won a 2-night stay at the local Holiday Inn. We checked in, brought out the coupon book, and had an amazing, adventury, edible weekend, all at incredible discounts.

Generally, though, it always paid for itself within a week of getting it (after all, it's how much you save, not how much you spend, right?), almost exclusively by eating out at non-child-friendly establishments.

And it was awesome.

So when we bought the book in October, what with the "lifestyle changes" we had acquired over the last 2 years or so, we were a bit nervous about getting our money's worth.

We shouldn't have worried.

Yesterday, we went to the Science and Tech museum (one free adult admission = $9), then to a certain nameless McChain restaurant for lunch (one free Sizeable McSandwich = $4). Tonight, pizza ($7 off) (not that we only feed our kids junk - far from it. McLunch aside, the pizza is an organic whole grain, Heavenly Herb-ed crust, with chicken, spinach, basil, red peppers, feta cheese... mmmmm). We've also gotten 30% off dry cleaning, and, when we FINALLY make time to celebrate our anniversary, we'll use one of the fine dining discounts, too.

Look at us save!

Now that we've sold our third residence (kaff), you'd think we'd be rolling in the dough, but thanks to a fantastic basement flood and subsequest discovery of insane amounts of mold...well, every penny counts.


Hey, the pizza's here!


Unknown said...

My entertainment book has always been purchased solely for the drycleaning. Any time I've used it after that is all bonus as far as I'm concerned...

Anonymous said...

"Thrifty" travel tip: when booking a vacation, order an Entertainment book for your destination. If it's a summer vacation you can probably get the book for at least 1/2 off, and you're going to be eating out most meals anyhow. Plus it's the only time you're likely to use up all the touristy admission coupons.

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