Saturday 23 April 2011

Forget being Ma'amed...

Hell's fury has been unleashed.

I wish I had been ma'amed today.

Ailsa and I were out for a girls' shopping day (Daddy and Vaughn went on a boys' shopping day - they got a lawn mower!) for Easter treats, Costco supplies, and, apparently, emotional abuse from which I may never, ever, ever recover.

And no, I am not over-dramatizing this!

Ailsa and I were eating lunch in the food court (we split a meatball sub and a cup of roasted-tomato-and-orzo soup from Subway), when a nice man started making googly-eyes at my daughter, as most people do. He then asked me how old she was, and I told him.

He told me how cute she was (duh), and then he said...

...are you sitting down for this?...

"You must be her grandmother."


There was a sudden hush as all the air was sucked out of the room. Food-court trays clattered as people dove for cover, some under tables, others behind counters.

I looked at him, to see if he was joking, and no, no he wasn't.


I think I'll go lie down for, oh, the rest of my life now.


Anonymous said...

I've never had the occasion to use this, but today: ROTFLMAO!!!
- T.

Anonymous said...

I would offer you a good alibi but it's hard to explaim why you were suddenly not in the country...

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