Monday 7 March 2011

What's New, GrumbleBunny?

Our little girl is growing up! Snif.

Here, she supports the team. Maybe, by the time her jersey fits, the Renegades Roughriders Ottawa Football Team will be back in town!

She feeds herself and drinks from her sippy cup by herself! Chris and I actually had a dinner the other night in which we both ate the same time! She had her first steak (now that she has two teeth, we thought it was about time), we had wine... it was magical.

Below, lunchtime hijinks:

And finally, and most importantly, SHE MOVES! For a few weeks, we'd put her down and then find her somewhere else. She started by scooching (sp?) on her bum, pulling and pushing with her arms, and she has now progressed to full-on army crawling!

Here's the video of her first day of crawling:

And yes, the gates are up.

Awwww, our baby is turning into a little girl!

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