Wednesday 10 February 2010

Mas vacaciones, por favor!

Ah, the vacation post... almost long enough after the vacation that I've forgotten everything!

Our little family took a trip south of the border, to Playa del Carmen, in mid-January. Chris' cousin Greg was getting married, and we were so excited to be able to join them! The resort was gorgeous - all white marble and incredibly immaculate pools, and the food was pretty good, too! We did a lot of walking, since it took 9 minutes at a brisk pace to get to the lobby buffet from our room.

Vaughn especially liked the pools - there were a few wading pools (conveniently located beside the big pools with the swim-up bars), and we spent at least an hour in them every day. Of course, we also spent about an hour in the big pools, too, where he always made friends at the bar. (You can see the bar to the left.) Uno margarita, por favor!

Here, Vaughn and Daddy jump and splash in a wading pool. Observe the progression:


Sploosh...blub blub...

I'm ok! Again! Again!

We took a day trip to CobĂ , the only Mayan ruin that you can still climb on (closing forever in October, so we feel lucky that we had the chance!). It was a hot day and a loooong way up (and even longer way down!) but we had Grandpa willing to watch Vaughn, so up we went...

Don't look down! Eek. Did you sign a waiver?

Made it... and what a view! The jungle stretched as far as the eye could see! We could also see some other Mayan pyramids poking up out of the greenery. Very cool. And now, for the descent. Gulp.

The whole reason for our trip was the wedding! The beautiful couple, Greg and Martina, and the charming Ellah sealed their vows in a lovely ceremony on the beach.

Vaughn decided that he wasn't that interested in yucky romantic stuff, and had a little snooze.

But regained his vitality in time for dinner. Yum, guacamole!

More swimming and splashing, and... Shamu? How did you get into the wading pool? (the belly in a bikini at 21 weeks) (the best part about waddling around an all-inclusive resort is that if people don't like what they see, they can just have another drink...)

Nom nom nom... Vaughn especially liked the BBQ by the pool!

Our baby turtle also loved the ocean - we dipped him in the waves a few times, and took him back to our chairs... but the baby turtle found his way back to the water...

All in all, a lovely week, and we'd love to go away again... perhaps leaving the baby turtle in someone else's capable hands... volunteers?

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Anonymous said...

Seriously? Does Chris have any ugly relatives?? How can all the good genes go to one family? ITS NOT FAIR!!!!

Whiny Meg

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