Monday 22 February 2010


Hola! (still in Mexico, in my mind)

25-week update: Well, they made me drink that orange glucose stuff again this morning, and then they took my blood. We'll see if there's another repeat of last time (shudder) (but, warning to Ingrid: I'm coming in swinging!).

Also, this is what I look like.


I don't remember being as big already, last time. My bellybutton has already popped (doesn't that mean I'm done?) (please?), and last night, while watching curling, you could see the wee beastie kick me brutally from the inside, on the outside. Fun!

As for the smaller occupant of the house, he is still delightful, except for having woken up for the past two nights in a row, at 1 am... 2:30 am... 4 am... there better be teeth or something, that's all I can say.

But aside from that, well, he just gets more fun every day. Did I mention that he's walking now? Vaughn took his first steps on Sunday, February 14th!!! (6 years to the day after Chris and I met...awww.) He's taking it slow, and needs to build up his confidence, but is getting better at balancing all the time.

His other new trick is dancing. We noticed it first with Baby Beluga, but now, he'll play his little piano for hours (through gritted teeth: thanks, Grandma!) and bop along to the beat. It's too early to tell if he gets his moves from me or from Chris, but either way, he's got moves!

Grandma(s), this one's for you!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww was for Vaughn ..... for the belly I'll say "Whoa!"

Garrett Family said...

Forget the belly - check out the boobs!

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