Tuesday 22 December 2009

Vaughn's first haircut


Well, my little fluffy duck was getting too fluffy. His floppy bangs were always in his eyes (and always full of food), he had little wings around his ears, and if you put him in a stocking cap, he did a pretty good impression of Relic. Not good.

So, I finally talked Chris into taking him to his barber (note that Chris is freshly coiffed, too!), and aside from the tears (mine), it was a great experience. Vaughn was calm, collected, and curious as always, and seemed to think the whole thing was pretty neat.

My baby is now a little boy! Waaaah!
(and of COURSE I got some clippings for his baby book)

A before shot of his bathtime fauxhawk - note the extreme length and awesomeness.

After - he can still rock a fauxhawk, but it's more dignified and mature, non?

Speaking of baths, here's a bath from happier, hairier times:



Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh - he looks all grown up! But still sooooo cute. I can see why you sniffled ...

Meg said...

That is a seriously handsome boy you have!!!!!!

Im still waiting for my little guy to get rid of the hair on his back. Ah but he is cute!

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