Tuesday 22 December 2009

11 months - All ready for Christmas!

With Mommy back at work, it's been a hectic holiday season, but we've managed to decorate the house, get our baking done, and send out some Christmas cards, most of which are in the mail. I promise. (heh heh - like the use of the "royal we"?)

The V-man went to a breakfast with Santa event at the end of November, and delighted the jolly old elf with his attitude - he was the only little one in our group to smile for a picture - either he's just a laid-back, relaxed little guy, or he knows whose good books to stay in!

His new tricks, acquired this month, include:

  • Blowing bubbles in the bathtub (about 75% success rate, failure being indicated by coughing, sputtering, and grinning)

  • Waving bye-bye (awwww)

  • Pointing to what he wants (mostly food, of course; he is a Huff!)

  • Bringing us books to read to him

  • Climbing a full flight of stairs (eek)

  • Turning around to wiggle off the sofa feet-first

  • "Driving" his train and firetruck - he rolls them back and forth on their wheels

He's vocalizing a lot more, and makes a lot of "da!" noises, plus imitating tones as well. And of course, he eats anything and everything you give him! Gotta keep those cheeks pinchable!

We've had a few rough weeks with various bugs, but everyone's recovering nicely now...and nothing keeps Vaughn down for long -- Mommy and Daddy seem to get hit much harder, for some reason! I just love this picture - everyone was feeling under the weather, and we got a nice, cuddly day out of both of my resident boys-that-can't-sit-still. I don't expect this to happen ever again, but am glad I caught it on film!

Uncle Rob and Uncle Ryan came down for a lovely visit (unfortunately, it was on the lethargic weekend!) and we tried to stay upright for them as much as we could. Vaughn perked up for them on Sunday, though, and had a great time! He loves his uncles!

We're definitely excited for his first Christmas, and for our first, quiet (ish) Christmas as a little family.

Merry Christmas to all, and a healthy, happy holiday season!

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